Organizational chart

To achieve its goals. The University of Guadalajara has been organized into a University Network consisting of a General Administration which coordinates and represents the whole University Network, six Subject-Specific University Centers located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, and eight Regional University Centers located in the cities that have become hubs of development in different regions of Jalisco. These fourteen University Centers meet the needs for higher education, carry out scientific and technological research, and provide services addressed to specific requirements.

To this must be added the different technical and undergraduate programs and the services offered by the Virtual University System (SUV-Sistema de Universidad Virtual).

The demand for high school programs is met through the high school and technical schools strategically located throughout the state of Jalisco, which comprise the High School System (SEMS- Sistema de Enzeñanza media Superior) of the University of Guadalajara.

Supporting students and scholars in the University Network are 169 libraries throughout the University Center, the SUV, and the High School  System, as well as three public libraries: the “Octavio Paz” Iberoamerican Library, the “Juan José Arreola” Public Library of the State of Jalisco, and “Benjamin Franklin” Library.