University Center for the Arts, Architecture, and Design

The CUAAD is comprised of three campuses located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. One of them is a complex of modern buildings framed by the spectacular setting of the Huentitán Canyon, and the other two in two beautiful colonial buildings in the historical downtown area: the former Cloisters of San Agustín and Santa Clara. María de Gracia/Clara.

It is comprised of three Divisions: Design and Projects, Technology and Processes, and Arts and Humanities.

Its twelve Departments are Theater Arts, Visual Arts, Sound and Image, Music, Production and Development, Architectural Projects, Communications Projects, Design Projects, Urban Planning Projects, Representational Techniques, Techniques and Construction, and Theories and History.

The CUAAD offers 30 programs: 1 basic program, 3 vocational programs, 1 associate degree programs, 12 Bachelor’s programs, 5 updating degree, 7 Master’s and a Ph.D. program.

The total student population of CUAAD is 6,241, with 711 in the vocational programs, 5,410 in the Bachelor’s degree, 98 in the Master’s degree programs, and 22 in the Ph.D. program.

CUAAD’s faculty consists of 563 teachers, of whom 199 are full-time teachers, 47 are full-time research professors, and one is a part-time researcher. 20 of these professors belong to Mexico’s National Research Network (SNI).

To support its academic activities, CUAAD has four libraries, with 44,789 titles (66,297 volumes) and 1,048 computer terminals.

Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011