Tonalá University Center

Since the calendar 2012-A the first University Center located at Tonala has begun its activities. That means a new achievement for public education at college level in the state of Jalisco.

Tonalá is part of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, it's one of the municipalities with a major lack in college education where more than 41 thousands people demands for new spaces to continue their professional studies.

In contrast to the other University Centers in the metropolitan area, CUTonala will cover several disciplines so its academic programs is conformed by different knowledge areas expecting a better integration within the community, offering traditional careers and new specialized courses that pay attention to the modern needs of our metropolis. Also it holds the academic purpose to develop cientific research, focused on finding solutions to problems concerning this society.

The first step of construction of this University Center will be finished september 2012, meanwhile the courses will be given in provisional spaces with academic support from other campus' departments.

Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011