Los Valles University Center

Located in the city of Ameca, this center serves the municipalities of Ahualulco del Mercado, Amatitán, Ameca, Atenguillo, Cocula, El Arenal, Etzatlán, Guachinango, Hostotipaquillo, Magdalena, San Marcos, San Martín Hidalgo, Tala, Tequila, Teuchitlán, and San Juanito de Escobedo.

It is comprised of two Divisions, Social and Economic Studies, and Scientific and Technological Studies, as well as four Departments: Economic and Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Computer Science and Engineering, and Natural and Exact Sciences.

Since its creation, CUVALLES has followed an unconventional model that combines classroom learning with self-managed study in alternate environments. The guiding principles of this model are to generate actions of social development, to foster learning based on non-conventional modes, and to provide an educational infrastructure centered on technologies for teaching with self-learning materials.

CUVALLES offers 16 programs: 11 Bachelor’s degree programs, one updating, 3 Master’s degree programs and a Ph.D. program.

Its current student population totals 2,902 students: 2,891 in Bachelor’s degree programs and 11 in Master’s degree programs.

There are 176 teachers at CUVALLES, 67 of whom are full-time teachers and 11 full-time research professors, 13 of whom belong to the SNI.

Its library contains 15,322 titles in 42,016 volumes, as well as 1,070 computers.


Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011